In 2024, we obtained ISO EN UNI 9001:2015 Quality Certification for the production of thermoplastic powders and compounds.

Policy for quality

Management’s Quality strategy is characterised by:

1. The ambition to improve in all business processes

2. A culture aimed at promoting continuous improvement of products and all company activities

3. The realisation that achieving an ever-higher quality standard translates into lower costs and higher company profits

4. An increasingly close working relationship with customers and suppliers

5. A commitment of all staff to improve the work to be done

6. The intention to meet customers’ needs in every activity carried out

7. Ensuring that staff are adequately involved with Quality issues and the implementation of the quality system

8. Ensuring that staff are adequately prepared (competence and awareness) to perform tasks assigned to them within the framework of the production of the specific project or service

9. Ensure that the context analysis has been carried out, identifying requirements, risks, opportunities and strategies

10. The intention to involve all Staff in the objective of continuous quality improvement, by delegating responsibilities, giving them the opportunity to make suggestions, reducing their efforts

The essential role of management in the pursuit of an improvement policy will be to:

  • Defining Quality strategies

  • Providing the necessary resources

  • Support the Quality Assurance Manager through appropriate measures in order to achieve the common goal: “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.

Only the constant pursuit of this objective will enable our structure to face the market in strengthened conditions of economic competitiveness, security, reliability and service efficiency.